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Mechanical classification

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Mechanical classification

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Roll forging forging machine tool

Is a blank in the two relative rotating fan through plastic deformation formed workpiece and die forging method. It is a roll forming a special form of (longitudinal rolling). Roll forging can be used in the production of connecting rod, auger bit, wrench, spike, hoe, pick, and turbine blades. Roll forging process by using the theory of rolling forming gradually make the blank deformation, compared with ordinary die forging, the device structure is simple, stable production, vibration and noise is small, easy to realize automation, high production efficiency, etc. Roll forging are divided into two categories, blocking roll forging and the forming roll forging. Blocking for forging shape is the size of roll forging blank; Forming roll forging can directly produced to meet the requirements of shape size forgings.

Mechanical pressure type forging machine tool

Mechanical pressure forging machine tool through the slider-crank mechanism converts the rotary motion of the motor to the slider of the straight line reciprocating movement, forming of billet forging machinery. Mechanical press action is smooth, reliable operation, widely used in stamping, extrusion, forging and powder metallurgy technology. Mechanical press on the number of about more than half of the total number of all kinds of forging machinery. Specifications of mechanical press with nominal working force (thousands of cows), said it was based on the sliding block movement to the next check point distance trip about 10 ~ 15 mm (or from the date the next check point crank Angle is about 15 ° to 30 °) for calculating the maximum work force of basis points in the design.

Extrusion forging machine tool

Hot extrusion forging machine tool widely used in the production of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal tubes and profiles, etc., belong to the scope of metallurgical industry. Steel hot extrusion was used to produce special steel tubes and profiles, also used to produce to use cold extrusion or warm extrusion forming solid and hole (hole or blind hole) of carbon steel and alloy steel parts, such as bar with thick head, gun barrel, container, etc. Cold extrusion forging machine tool originally only used in the production of lead, zinc, tin, aluminum, copper pipes, profiles, and toothpaste tube (bread tin lead), dry battery shell (zinc), shell (copper), and other parts. Cold extrusion operation is simple, suitable for mass production of small parts.

Spiral forging machine tool

Spiral forging machine tool with screw, nut as a transmission mechanism, and by the spiral transmission will be positive to the rotary motion of the flywheel to slide up and down reciprocating movement of forging machinery. Screw press is usually driven by motor through the friction disc flywheel rim and make the flywheel rotating, so the press is also called friction press, China's largest friction press of 25 million cattle. Later in the flywheel of the electric screw press is driven by motor directly, its structure is compact, less transmission links, due to the reversing frequently, to control the electric equipment demand is higher, and need special motor.

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