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Press manufacturers

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Press manufacturers

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Press manufacturers

The mechanical structure

Air hammer

Stamping die set is the most typical feature of such machines, has realized the standardization and specialization of production at the earliest. Finish blanking in machine tool machine, blanking, stretching, incision, such as stamping process, cannot leave the stamping die. Work part of the stamping die installed in the punch, concave die stamping mold frame, the different need of different punch, concave die stamping process, but can use the same stamping die set. Stamping die set by the template, the template and guide pin, guide sleeve, has been developed for different specifications, model selection of press series products, stamping die set has been realized under medium specification standardization.


In the forging machine tool feature, with its development, the production and use of maturity, when the first machine press with friction clutch, brake. Friction clutch, brake is an important part of a machine tool pressure main transmission, its performance fit and unfit quality directly affect the usability, safety, reliability of the machine and start the rate and amount of maintenance of the equipment. According to the structure of friction clutch, brake, a combined friction clutch friction clutch brake and separated - brake; According to the working state of friction pair, there are dry friction clutch brake and wet friction clutch, brake; According to the friction clutch, brake control system, have spirit friction clutch brake and hydraulic friction clutch brake.

Photoelectric safety protection devices

Photoelectric safety device, in between the forging machine tool operator and dangerous workspace set invisible infrared light curtain protection area, once the operator help breaking into the reserve screen, control system, the output signal to forging machine tool actuator security, to forging machine tool emergency stop, prevent the dangerous action. Visible, photoelectric safety device itself does not protect the operator directly, it is just before the safety accident may occur, for machine tool signal that stop the dangerous actions. Therefore, strictly speaking, photoelectric safety protection devices shall be referred to as the photoelectric safety protection control device.

Photoelectric safety protection devices are usually divided into the reflection type and correlation type two kinds. Reflection type photoelectric safety device is made up of controller, sensor and reflector 3 parts, light curtains made by sensors, the reflector will be receiving reflected back to the sensor; Correlation photoelectric safety device by the controller, emission transducer and receiving transducer of 3 parts, light curtain made by emission sensors, shall be received by a receiving sensor.

CAM controller,

CAM controller is an important part of the machine tool electric control system of press. Processing method to the solution of logical relationship is usually the crankshaft rotates 360 °, that was to develop a machine press work cycle diagram, to control the motion of the working institutions. CAM controller is carried out on the crankshaft rotation Angle distribution of actuators. CAM controller is installed on the synchronization with the crankshaft rotating shaft, work organization, in turn, produce action, complete machine press a work cycle. How domestic production plants, CAM controller is generally stable and reliable product quality, the same directional bian bian take purchase way to form a complete set.

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