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Operating procedures

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Operating procedures

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1, the operator must pass a test qualified, and hold the device of the equipment operation certificate before operating this equipment.

2, work conscientiously do before:

(1) read log records, understand the class work.

(2) check whether equipment and work space clean and try clean; Equipment lathe bed, countertops, guides and other main sliding surface can not have obstructions, impurities, and the new, inquiry, bruised. If you have the above situation must be removed, and try to clean the equipment; The emergence of a new drawing and research, should be bruised equipment member or team leader, please check together, and make records.

Check the operating mechanism of the handle (3), valve, rod, as well as the main parts and components (slider, hammer head, head, etc.) should be on the position of non-working specification.

(4) check the safety protection device (shield, limit switch, limit iron, electrical grounding, insurance device, etc.) should be fully intact, installation is correct and reliable; Distribution box (box), fuel tank (pool), the door of the gearbox cover should be closed.

(5) check the lubrication part (oil pool, oil tank, oil cup guide rail and other slip surface) of oil should be enough, and cheer designator according to the lubrication chart.

(6) check whether there is any abnormal on the main parts, components and fasteners loose phenomenon.

(7) to open the valve, gas (vapor) road inspection pipe valves and other devices should be in good condition without leakage, gas (vapor), pressure should comply with the rules, and draining water in the tube.

(8) to carry on the idle running test, starting to move, check the operating device, safety insurance device (brake, reversing, interlocking, limit, insurance, etc.) the indicating device (indicating instrument, indicator light, etc.) work should be sensitive, accurate and reliable; Each part action should be coordinated; Oil supply should be normal, lubrication should be good; No abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise machine's operation, odors, smoke, wait for a phenomenon. Confirm everything is ok, just can begin to work. Who work even class equipment, including personnel according to the stipulations of the above article (8) joint inspection in succession; Every succession of every class equipment, found serious violation operation procedures on class phenomenon, should ask member or team leader of the equipment is always view, and put on record, otherwise the equipment problems to violate operational procedures of class theory. After adjustment or repair equipment, the operator must also be in accordance with the requirements for the above article (8) and steps to test equipment to confirm everything is correct, just can start to work.

3, work in earnest to do:

(1) stick to jobs, elaborate operation equipment, do not do things has nothing to do with the job. Because things down when you leave the equipment, and close the source of electricity, gas (vapor).

(2) the technical specification of equipment use, as stipulated in the specification limit of specification, overload use equipment.

(3) pay close attention to each part of the equipment lubrication conditions, as stipulated in the lubrication indicating chart to refuel in the class, to ensure good lubrication performance of the equipment parts.

(4) pay close attention to each part of the equipment working condition, if there is any abnormal sound, vibration, temperature rise, odors, smoke, not harmonious, the phenomenon such as failure, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, exclusion and then continue to work.

Replace (5) control of motor speed, mold, tool or brush try, repair equipment, prior to shut down, close the source of electricity, gas (vapor).

(6) at work, shall not remove the safety protection device and open the distribution box (box), the door of the oil tank (tank), gearbox cover.

departments of the analysis report.

4, work conscientiously do:

(1) the operating device and the slider, hammer, head should be stipulated in the specification on non-work position; Close the source of electricity, gas (vapor).

(2) tools, parts and the work place.

(3) cleaning work area and equipment on the head, material side, scale, sundry goods and so on; Try to wipe clean equipment parts, each sliding surface gas protection.

(4) fill in succession.


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