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Outside the overall check

Thoroughly clean the forging machine outside, check whether all the fastening screw loosening, all parts are in safety, without welding, crack or deformation phenomenon. Airframe should have safety warning signs, the length should be not less than 30 cm.

Commissioning tests

After forging machine tool rotation, check the presence of air leakage phenomenon, check whether there is any abnormal vibration on the machine at the same time, according to the requirement to conduct a comprehensive lubrication. Observe carefully if there is a collision, friction and hysteresis. Presence of abnormal sound. With dynamic mechanical driving speed, observe operation condition of each part.

Input device check

Conveyor chain must check one by one day, if discover badly worn, deformation, crack should be replaced. Feeding chain around the promotion should be consistent to the central chain long contact plate slightly advisable, principal and driven shaft should be parallel to the conveyor chain, such as tilt, should look for reasons to be ruled out.

On-off device check

Safety clutch do you want to work in the use process adjustment, check the wave type tooth wear, such as grinding depth to a third should be replaced.

Check and adjust the forging parts

On the pressure test, the test pressure is 1.25 times the working pressure, check piston reached out to maximum work schedule, voltage regulator for 15 minutes, the pressure gauge reading shall not exceed 4% of the test pressure drop values; All oil should be no leakage phenomenon; In the full pressure after unloading, pressure gauge pointer back to the "0" position, parts should be no damage, tie rod may not be significant deformation, the moving parts no card lag phenomenon. Reliability test was carried out on the safety valve, safety valve will be dispatched to work pressure (upper left the left lower + 5, + 1) MPa, test 5 times in a row, the needle valve opening and closing sensitive, after each jump valve pressure gauge readings were should not be lower than the rated working pressure.

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