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2015 China international exhibition of metal forming successfully held in Shanghai, ever!

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2015 China international exhibition of metal forming successfully held in Shanghai, ever!

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China international exhibition on metal forming is domestic only focus on the forging and stamping, sheet metal production industry professional exhibition. In the vast exhibitors, including your company, under the support of 2015 China international exhibition on metal forming on September 16 to 19 in the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall 1 hall, the exhibition has been a huge success

The exhibition attracted 315 exhibitors from 10 countries, as well as from 15 countries and regions more than 15000 professional visitors, show area of about 26000 square meters, show physical machines more than 200 sets, tens of thousands of pieces of parts. In terms of forging parts makers, China forging association committee and hunan golden chain metal forging association organized the pavilion to exhibit.

The exhibition held at the same time the scene "stamping, sheet metal production and forging new technology and equipment for rolling conference" has more than 80 lectures about the report, the gallery of two hall held the 62 games, there are about 2500 people live to listen; China aviation materials forming forging association committee member of in the center of the exhibition hall meeting held by the chun-xiao cao led by 13 technical issue and lectures, the venue for 120-150 people listen; Borui company also released at the conference center launched more than 10 field technology and lectures, invited more than 100 clients home refs. Forging press of China association of the exhibition in Shanghai beauty baolong hotel hosted the 2015 China international conference on forging and 2015 international conference on metal forming in China, there are about more than 600 delegates to attend the meeting and on September 16, 2015 group to visit the scene of the metal forming exhibition.

At the same time, on September 17, 2015, the national association of the sheet metal production of 17 places (stamping), secretary general of the lead their backbone member enterprise to the exhibition, the exhibition hall on the second floor conference room number 12, secretary-general of the conference was held, with the king of the local industry development problems in the association.

Is worth pointing out that, during the exhibition, kunshan mould industry association and wuxi mould industry association and wuxi, Shanghai forging association, Shanghai forging association mould technology association and Shanghai jiaotong university, and the second engineering of tongji university, Shanghai university, and yanshan university unit group visited the exhibition, respectively, according to the statistics about the teachers and students to reach more than 500 people from the enterprises and colleges show exhibition.

As a professional exhibition, we invite the audience a lot of time, a month and a half in advance will all basic scheduled lecture session, booth chart, exhibitor list on the site one month in advance and WeChat website free release, and print preview before the show and visit the guide, direct mail to potential customers.

The exhibition of the bright spot is one by one, there are 3 universities exhibition, a total of 15 production projects in the field.

In order to be able to let the exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to communicate fully, and during the exhibition, China forging association will also hosted the 2015 metal forming parts purchasing, meeting organized comprehensive report, the scene of the procurement will contribute to more than 50 component suppliers and more than 10 home buyers meet nearly 100 delegates, and visited Shanghai ABB company.

This exhibition is the current metal forming exhibition founded the 10th, the exhibition site to 122 exhibitors and 13 years have made outstanding contributions to the exhibition of the enterprises and local association of recognition, and held the awards at the scene, China forging association for these enterprises and local association in before, during and after the exhibition use WeChat and website platform for the extensive publicity.

Following the successful 2014 founded excellent equipment supplier recommended activities after the exhibition recommended 51 exhibitors 61 types of exhibits, in addition to achieve in a variety of media publicity, the recommend every enterprise is made separately for each exhibits X exhibition stand, and on the enterprise platform, introduced the technical parameters of the prize exhibits, bright spot, and market prospect.


"Viewing award activity selected 21 31" viewing award "quality award and praised for spare parts and held the awards.

This exhibition, we achieved all the booths of qr code management, and all space-unit decoration has improved as a whole. All provided by the Chinese association of forging A/B/C package booths are printed on the exhibitors personalized LOGO, design, and the company name, all the booths that are unique to space-unit. The exhibition, we earnestly implement the fine management, hen and electrical supply are at the highest satisfaction.

The exhibition of the propaganda work, especially the publicity on the exhibitors to succeed. Received before including Chinese newspaper industry and mechanical and electronic business and so on more than 40 professional soft wen and advertising media reports (see chart) period of time in detail, and netease, TOM, kwangmyong, among whom, China, HeXun, China business network, the public financial network, zhejiang hot line, Shanghai hotline, news, automotive world network and global network and so on more than 30 mainstream public media exposure;

Today, popular in WeChat WeChat publicity has become our exhibition, especially one of the important ways of publicity on the exhibitors, the exhibition WeChat public account, more than 9000 people, including the combination of China association of forging press other department public account propaganda, each message is about more than 35000 people to browse. In terms of exhibitors propaganda, we according to the exhibitors to provide material finishing editing released more than 200 exhibitors propaganda WeChat, introduced a 15 exhibitors WeChat project, these are all metal forming exhibition provide value-added service for exhibitors free of charge.

This exhibition we still adhere to the traditional approach to the publicity, and exhibitors send exhibition preview before 25000, visit the guide, 40000 35000, email and SMS 240000 phone number times. We also conducted a telephone invite audience and fair way to carry out such as the entrainment invited audience propaganda. Through these connections, we will be fair and exhibitors to about more than 80000 enterprises of more than ten thousand people. In order to further promote the exhibition, we developed the android version of the App, the exhibition has been launched.

This exhibition and the forging and stamping, sheet metal and fabrication, vader video network, China forging net and other professional media have the depth of cooperation, continuous coverage and depth reports the exhibitors and the exhibition, the exhibition highlights a feature article on almost all the exhibitors have mentioned. We recommend that those who have technical innovation and highlight of exhibits can contact the media and news.

Dear exhibitors, the number of audience and quality is fundamental to the exhibitors are satisfied, we always have a clear understanding about this. Both propaganda and group is hope more professional spectators arrived at the scene. At the scene, we hear you praise, also have complain, for the audience, we are also not satisfied, we will continue to work hard, expand publicity and increase directly to industry, strive for your every input can get better market promotion, establish a better corporate image, get more customers and quality suppliers, to build a more extensive industry and media links.

At present, we upgrade and improve the site, the realization of the online registration, submit information and reservation service, simplify the procedures. We also optimized the construction, transportation and other service process, provide a more perfect and transparent packages, we will continue efforts to simplify service and reduce cost.



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